Wellness II Lounge

Swim, Relax, Repeat. Swim, Relax, Repeat.

The Wellness II Lounge has the same positive health benefits ts as the Wellness II (non-lounge), except it comes standard with a non-float lounger and powerful deep-tissue massage jets. You can swim against a resistant current produced by powerful River Jets then connect exercise bands and row bars to make an intense workout. Lay back and relax in the integrated lounge seat to begin resting your muscles after a complete workout. The Wellness II Lounge has a full-sized swim area and has been engineered to take up as little room as possible in your backyard or fitness room. Begin your future of healthy living and exercise that you’ll actually look forward to completing everyday in your Wellness Swim Spa.


Seating Capacity - 4 Seats Plus Swimming Area
Dimensions - 151 x 90 x 53 ”; 384 x 229 x 135 cm
Water Capacity - 1321 gallons
Weight - 2101 lbs; 10505 lbs filled
Cabinet Options - Cedar Options: Unstained Cedar, Redwood, Grey, Black, or Clear Satin; Slate Options: Stone Brown, Desert Sand, Mountain Grey, or Obsidian
Jets - 19 Play Pkg (one river jet); 22 Performance Pkg (two river jets); 27 Performance Plus Pkg (three river jets)
Circulation Pump - 19 Jets [4HP + 3HP Power Pumps] 22 Jets [2x 4HP + 3HP Power Pumps] 27 Jets [4x 4HP Power Pumps]
Filtration System - Commercial-Grade Hydro Cyclonic Filtration

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