Wellness II

Small Footprint. Full Size Swim Spa.

The Wellness II is an incredible package of positive healthy alternatives to your current workout. Swim indefinitely against a resistant current produced by powerful River Jets. Connect exercise bands and row bars to make a full workout with elements of cardio and strength training.

The Wellness II has a full sized swim area and is engineered to take up as little room as possible to easily fit your backyard or fitness room.


Seating Capacity - 3 Seats + Swim Area
Dimensions - 151 x 90 x 53 ”; 384 x 229 x 135 cm
Water Capacity - 1511 gallons
Weight - 2101 lbs; 13215 lbs filled
Spa Shell Options - Sterling Silver
Cabinet Options - Cedar Options: Unstained Cedar, Redwood, Grey, Black, or Clear Satin; Slate Options: Stone Brown, Desert Sand, Mountain Grey, or Obsidian
Jets - 6 Play Pkg (one river jet); 18 Performance Pkg (two river jets); 23 Performance Plus Pkg (three river jets)
Circulation Pump - 6 Jets [4HP + 3HP Power Pumps] 18 Jets [2x 4HP + 3HP Power Pumps] 23 Jets [4x 4HP Power Pumps]
Filtration System - Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System

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